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Realistic Requests [ CLOSED ]


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Hey guys I am opening 5 slots for requests - comment with a pic and any details of your OC / fursona and I'll pick 5 from random to paint in the next couple of weeks! Everyone is welcome to enter.

- You CAN repost it elsewhere as long as you credit me as the artist (and link back to my FA / DA).
- You CAN'T claim you painted / drew it (ya know.. the obvious rule).
- Characters submitted must be Animal-based (see examples).

Examples of others I've done:




wow these look really good! This is just a shot, but if you're interested I have a Secretary Bird character that might look interesting if you decide to take it up!

(image link)


Wow, your art looks fantastic. Meticulous to no end. I'll try my luck, I suppose. T-LARC references ahoy!

www.furaffinity.net: T-LARC Conception by T-LARC
www.furaffinity.net: T-LARC Fursuit Reference by T-LARC

He's an innocent, mischievous fox with a dark side - the kind that you'd think was adorable, but that would also be selling the fiddles while Rome burned with a big smile on his face. I hope that interests you somewhat - there are a few places you could go with him if you wanted. I also think there could potentially be room for a lot of subtleties in his expression - trying to hide malevolent thoughts behind a big, furry smile for example. And eyes can say a lot, if you were interested in practising expression. But otherwise, it's wide open. You're generous enough to donate your time - if you decide to pick him, you know what he's like. Have fun - go mental!

Thanks for the opportunity! ^_^
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I would enjoy having some more anthro art. I dont really have much to be based on except these.


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Wow!!! those are AMAZING!!!

I'd like if you would do my fursona XD
Lexio's a pure white anthro arctic wolf with blue eyes and a black nose and paw pads.
Sorry if he's a bit boring...


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Everyone is still free to submit their OCs - I've been a bit quiet because I've been starting on the first one :) I might increase the list by a couple spots, but it depends how quick I get the first few out.


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For free?! Well dang... I don't even have a fursona yet, but here's my idea:

I was thinking of a blue jay with darkish green instead of blue. His beak being slightly hooked like an eagle's, rather than the straight beak Blue Jay's naturally have. Maybe a small Celtic knot design somewhere on his head? I see him as the type of guy that's fun-loving and can cheer anyone up, so make his expression look friendly and masculine! Just a quick idea I came up with, so I don't have a ref picture.

Thanks so much for the opportunity!
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I don't know how to thank you enough, so I won't try. All I'll say is that I think it's the most beautiful picture I'm ever going to see of my character, and I mean that. The subtlety in his expression is breathtaking. I really don't deserve him - so thank you so much! I hope when you open for commissions, you're completely flooded by them, because you deserve to be. Hey, if when I escape student-dom I actually manage to find a job with my English degree, I'll going to see if I can't be one of the people on that list too! ^_^


Hello,I think your work is incredible! I am never request art before and feel a bit shy to ask but if you make one of my fursona it would be amazing! My friend T-LARC has already recommended you to me and I would love to share and recommend people I know to you. I would do it anyway but it would be incredible if you do one of me. As the only art I have is off my fursona is my profile picture and my fursona concept image. My fursona means a lot to me and I would be honoured if you can make mine.

I am a hellhound hybrid and have glowing red eyes! My fursona is very friendly and playful but it would be amazing to show people the hellhound side of him. I love your art style I can imagine being amazing for a hellhound hybrid like me :D

If you do not do mine I will not be offended as you are being amazing doing it for free. PM me if you are interested as to be honest I do not know if the artist will allow me to share the concept image on a forum? Also I will not be offended if you say no after you see the concept image

Many thanks Kirkzer


i dont have a reference but have i a detailed description can i join in on that


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Your art is just excellent! *-*

I'd love a picture of my sona Kyrie (the dragon on the left)

Here is a headshot of her with more accurate horns/scales


Note: the light blue spots, her fire mane, her eyes and the spaces under her big black scales all glow.
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