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Realistic Requests [ CLOSED ]


Nintendork with a PC
Hey guys am still working on these - just finished a commission so back to requests!
Oh wow, you're doing commissions and you decided take requests anyway. That's really generous considering the quality you make.


Your Local Neighbourhood Centaur
Oh gosh! Your art is lovely. Heck if I had the money I'd commission you in a heartbeat.

Though unfortunately I can only request for now.
I have some humanoid characters as well as anthro if you'd like to take a look?
TinyCentaur's RP Characters » RP Repository

Though out of my characters I think King Pachua or Koirin would look lovely in your style!


My stars, you are simply incredible. Don't think I've ever followed an artist so quickly! I'm especially impressed by the one you did of Caryatid's Secretary Bird; feathers are something I struggle with. You're a tremendous inspiration.

Here's my axolotl dancer Raqe:
www.furaffinity.net: Raqe Dancer by sspprr
(her eyes are closed in that pic, but they're fire-red).

She's an underground operative in an occupied country (think French Resistance meets cabaret singer). She looks elegant, but could most certainly kill you in numerous interesting ways. As a character, she's determined, with the thousand-yard stare of an old soldier, more than a few regrets, and a dozen identities she's had to discard for the sake of spying.


Oh wow : O your art is absolutely wonderful- If you'd be so kind to send me your commission info if you have any, I'd love to see it <3
In the event you aren't super cluttered or want any more character links, here's a character that's pretty near and dear to my heart;
sta.sh: Loskor
Thanks in general, it's remarkably kind of you do to free work at such a high quality!


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Oh wow! I hope I can get in this time around. I have a new one you might like. I'm looking for an anthro version of my headhunter feather butt.


She wears a hornbill mask into battle and wields tribal sword and shield. Bodytype

Her species is called a Queztalli (closed species made by Sevenspirals) genetic makeup is: Sunda Clouded Leopard, Great Argus, and Rhinoceros Hornbill


The Autistic Otter
best art I have of my character as a reference is this thing, but it's not really a suitable reference. he should have a wolf tail with tiger stripes that isn't showing in the first pic, and looks wrongly proportioned/shaped in the second pic. also worth noting he is a tiger/wolf hybrid. and should be digitigrade.

Fursona Fantasy.png

Feral 3.png


ah I've been following you everywhere since you first put your thread here up XD I can't wait to see the art done this time around - your feathers and scales in particular are just so so gorgeous @_@

Mihr - I adore this boy but...all his images are quite older. he's covered in sleek, scaly skin. Skin is scarred and rotting. - soft spoken, solitary, keenly intelligent - he is both anthro/quad

Cat, my hooded crow sona bab - sly, smirking, swayed by pretty shiny things, incessantly chatters, getting his beak into business that it doesn't belong. With or without clothes/clothes don't need to be exact at all just general style as ref.


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I attended your first thread, but didn't make it... gotta test my luck again !
My kangaroo-raptor is always ready~ :p

I challenge you to add in this armor of his as well xD


Bitches love sticks
Aww haha, lucky Kirkzer! You're amazing, Fall!


It's amazing and incredible! I'm not good with words so you have to take my word for it that I am one very happy hellhound! I can not thank you enough but definitely in the next couple months when I actually have a bit of money I will commission art from you and give you a bit more to say thanks. I look forward on seeing your other work.


Tombstone The Fierce Sergal
Hey guys I am opening 5 slots for requests - comment with a pic and any details of your OC / fursona and I'll pick 5 from random to paint in the next couple of weeks! Everyone is welcome to enter.

- You CAN repost it elsewhere as long as you credit me as the artist (and link back to my FA / DA).
- You CAN'T claim you painted / drew it (ya know.. the obvious rule).
- Characters submitted must be Animal-based (see examples).

Examples of others I've done:


OMG how is this possible so beautiful.


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Your art looks really amazing. I would love to make a request for my wolf character.
I've been wanting some art made for a while now, all I have so far are simple ref sheets.
Not sure if you're already taking new requests but I thought I'd try. Here's my ref for reference.


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Julievee's character anthropomorphised - still some stuff I'm not happy with but can't be spending more time on it due to being a free request. Cool character!

Eiiyyy!! She is beautiful! Thanks so much <3!


Bitches love sticks
Thanks so much for the opportunity, Fall!


Character of Jin-lust-4-sin

... OK, I'm totally at a complete loss for words, but trust me when I say it's in the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY possible...
Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU ! x3