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Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0


I see the goal before me
So.. I've went to theatre with my brother yesterday to watch Rebuild of Evangelion : You can (not) advance.
And it was really amazing.
The first one was somewhat boring because most of the plots and scenes were taken from the TV series and it was pretty much predictable.
But unlike the first one, only minimal scenes were reused and almost all of the plots were rewritten, which made it way more interesting IMO.

Anyone else watched the movie? If you did, what's your opinion on it?


Arcade Snowmew Of Doom
Outside of various Asian countries, the film has only been screened at a few film festivals and the DVD isn't due out untill 'Spring'. Few people on an English speaking website will have seen it.


The Bard of the Beasts
I torrented a camcorded ersion with english subtitles, and I agree it was absolutely incredible, even with the crappy quality. I absoluely loved it, especially with putting the Asuka in Unit 05. Brilliant. Plus the angel fight involving all three Eva's and the multicoloured Angel from space?

My eyes came when that happened.


Oh Derpy! That's not a letter
Looking forward to it. I've already read spoilers because I can't help myself, but they only made me more excited for the film.

Oh, and pirate Asuka.