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reCAPTCHA error when trying to upload my first art


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When trying to upload a 9.0 mb jpg file, I keep getting a reCAPTCHA error. On some attempts to upload the file, I am able to get a prompt or two that tells me to click on some squares, but other than that, I still get the same reCAPTCHA error.


I've tried resetting my modem/internet, that didn't work.
I've tried using a different browser, that didn't work.
I've tried turning off uBlock/adblock, that didn't work.

I have tried restarting my PC and turning my javascript off, then back on, and still not working.


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I haven't heard of errors with reCAPTCHA but I hope someone can help you fix it


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You’re better off filing a trouble ticket under “report a bug” - this looks like the kind of issue where other forum users are unlikely to have suggestions for potential solutions you haven’t already tried. While site staff do check out the forum, tickets are a much more reliable and efficient way of getting in touch with someone on staff who may be able to help.