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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Receive a reference sheet with your MALE adopt! SB$20


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Hello! Here is a set of eight male antropomorph furry characters. You will receive a sheet for each one of them, you can see a sample sheet here:
adopts male A.jpg

SB $20
MI $5
AB $40

For $5: i can generate 2 avatar images to use in social media, with a plain backround colour of your choice!
For $10: 3 avatar images with custom backround images provided by you.



For auctions/bids, payment must be done within 24 hours from the bid offer.


I accept payments in PayPal (US Dollars) or in Binance (Stablecoins such as BUSD or USDT)


If you purchase more than one product from me (commissions/YCH/Adopts), you get a 20% discount on every product after the first one, which is payed at 100% of its cost. This does not apply for 3D start-from-scratch customs labelled for the FurryVerse: you get a 20% discount on such products only after purchasing one of that type.

By buying an adopt/commission/custom from me, you agree that you're not going to receive anything physical, so you'll be neither receiving a package through mail nor a tracking number.

Refunds are only allowed if I haven't even sent you the sketch for your approval. After I've sent it, whichever you answered me or not, I do not take refunds.

When someone underage orders something from me it'll be automatically supposed that they have parental concern to do so. I won't accept refunds under the excuse of "my kid bought it without my authorization".

Copyrights/Commercial Use
Copyright belongs to me. Other than that, you do whatever you want with the product you bought as long as: you don't remove the contact info in the character sheet.

This means you can: giveaway, trade, resell, edit yourself or other artist.