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Recent Tech Purchases?


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I'm in the process of trying to order a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone from Amazon with a 20% discount in another thread. Hopefully it will be at least somewhat interesting to follow that progress.
A couple of weeks ago, I ordered an external LG USB DVD-RAM/RW drive from Best Buy (http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product...spx?path=2539eea6f593fa11fd31cf578f7d4fdeen02) and it only took about two days from ordering it for the drive to arrive. It's functionally the same product as another LG DVD-RW external drive I had with my old rig, a generation or two of models along, which wore out a half-dozen years ago; I really missed having that wee drive with stuff stacked on top of it on my right (my rig's on my left hand side with the mouse) and it was a reasonable price (about $40 Cdn) with no shipping, since it was shipped inside Canada. I haven't made any burns with it yet, but I've been using it regularly as a read drive since it arrived, and it's working like a dream.

Man, I missed my wee DVD-RW buddy on my right hand side. So I'm happy to have one again! ^_^



I just put in a pre-order for this bugger:

Mainly because of this video:

I was already intending to get a Phantom, but seeing the video on Tested convinced me that I should not get the Phantom 2 Vision+ and wait because this one is better (Im mainly after the Lightbridge wireless digital video and the Inspire flight software).

And yeah, I can build something better. But I have a thing about having a known good quantity around to test against or sub in when the experimental thing does not work as expected.
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I recently just bought a Sony Handycam for better videos and for furry conventions and furry meets and such. It is a HDR-CX240. Decent camcorder for videos and such. $132.99. I could bought a better camcorder, but that's all the money I had at the time. I only bought it like a week ago.


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A Surface Pro 2. Core i5 4300, 8GB/256GB

Why last year's version?
--Has a Wacom digitizer,
--Was close to half the price of a similarly-equipped S3 Pro.

What for?
--Dipping a toe into the waters of digital drawing.
--Way cheaper than any Cintiq,
--and portable.
--Will eventually experiment with streaming with it while working on art, current main laptop (AMD Turion X2 w/4GB) may be a tad underpowered to run streaming software without issues.



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The small Wacom Intuos Pen tablet to replace the one that I lost.

Was thinking of buying a new video camera in the near future because I'll probably need one soon enough for school and also because I want a good one to use for vlogging while I'm in Europe.


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I bought a cintiq 24hd a couple of months ago and only now am I finding that it does not play nice with windows computers, so be warned.