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Recommended/favorite art streamers?


I'm personally looking for recommendations, but also curious in general who your favs are and why.

For recommendations, I'm particularly wondering about live streamers here, not YouTube tutorials or something. I think just seeing an artist at work and being able to ask questions then get answers in real time may help me settle on a process for my own art. I prefer Twitch considering I already have an account there. I also have a large preference towards male streamers, but can consider females too if all is ideal. Typical female voices bug me, and sadly a lot of them seem to resort to using their tits to get donations and subs... Subject matter doesn't matter to me, though I prefer SFW artists who draw a variety of subject matter.

I see a couple of you here stream so, if you feel so inclined, drop your channel here and a bit about you/your stream. ^^