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Recommended Reading


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Oh, well, in that case, I'd better edit my response.

Don't recommend your own work, it's a rule! ^^

I don't try to hide my mistakes with the edit button :p .

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I said I would move this to recommended reading later, and since that thread is now gone from the main page, I figured this was as good a time as any. The original thread was asking about recommendations for not only human/anthro stories, but length ones as well.

"Moon, June, Raccoon" by Poetigress

"Transformation" by Poetigress

There is also a audio story version of this story. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2875998

"A Vicious Cycle" by Xipoid
No humans, but Xipoid writes some very good stories.

"Introduction" by Wirewolf
The first in his Tux series. It's not finished, but still very good.


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"Blood on the Dance Floor" by Duroc

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2584129 (first part, six parts online)

It has action, it has tension, it has emotion, it has passion... I think nothing I say could be enough to describe this ongoing story. I have read a lot from Duroc, and this story has been one of the most entertaining from him... at least, up till sixth part. Although, as I have read from him before, I believe he can maintain the rather high level of writing in the future as well. I don't want to tell too much about the storyline, as it's so easy to give spoilers, but let's just say it involves two professionals meeting after not seeing in a long time and continuing to action of many kinds because of several third parties and the two person's shared past.

The story has some mature themes and language, but in my opinion Duroc could drop the "mature" flag and leave the story be. Nothing lures those sneaky people putting their nose into everything better than a flag yelling "mature"... Duroc's style is so tasteful I can't really see the very few cuss words, some gunfights 'n blood and one extremely tasteful "implied sex" scene offending anyone... But yeah, I guess that's just me.

Go and read it. I recommend it.


Here is a special holiday recommended reading post.

"The Invitation" by Vixyyfox

A story about an office worker who receives an invitation to "go fur", and it changes the way he will experience Christmas. Literally.

"Special Delivery" by Poetigress

A charming little tale about how the Easter Bunny accidentally receives a letter intended for Santa on Christmas Eve, and how the little rabbit takes it upon himself to get the letter back to Santa on time.

And the Anthro Dreams Podcast version of "Special Delivery" can be seen here:
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"Winds of Darkness - Chapter 1" by Wirewolf

An 11-part space opera about a human, his genemorph partner, and their sentient tundra cat companion who have to deal with political terrorism set in a suspenseful sci-fi world.


"OurSpaces will be OurLives will be OurGraves" by Slyford

A cyberpunk story, about a man who is a school teacher by day and a furry writer by night when he "jacks" into the net. But when he tries to find a way to inspire one of his students, who is also a fan of his online writer persona(a rabbit named Thumper), he's questions whether or not he should reveal that he and Thumper are the same person.

"First Joining" by Poetigress

A beautiful adult story about a young rabbit named Tanner, who has started to have the dreams that signify it's time for his First Joining. It's a time of self discovery and passion, in a world where a young person's first sexual experience is looked at as a normal part of growing up, and it's honored in the form of an organized mating ritual.

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Mr. Sandman, by Xipoid
Here's the first: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2991560
He has three chapters posted as I write this. I guess I don't really know how to describe it, and so far I'm not even entirely sure what it's about. Stars a... fox, I think, who seems to be part of some kind of... organization, where he's tasked with... assassination? Fact is, though, the main character is kooky and isn't ever sure of what's going on himself 90% of the time, so the reader is left to follow along as best he can. It's kind of built up of subtle hints to something greater.
Anyway, it's a solid piece of writing. Definitely worth delving into.


"In the Greenwood" by Poetigress

A magical and sensual story about a doe whose desire for a mate will play a role in how the seasons change in the forest.

"Untitled NaNo Entry" by MLR


I never expected a NaNoWriMo entry to be this enjoyable. It's about a young lizard named Cricket who desires to leave his home and venture out into the world. But when he meets up with a mute insect named Scorch, they set out on a journey that will not only greatly effect them, but the entire world.


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"The Hell? -- 'Satan Is Banging A Tranny'" by AlaskanWolf aka Adrik R. Wolf


'The Hell?' is a rather lengthy series of stories concentrating around a few exaggerated characters, tight-paced and often a bit violent comedy, and quirky, somewhat dark humor. The link above directs to the last piece in the series, which might not make much sense without reading the previous installments, but making sense isn't important in this series anyway, and neither it is important in this post either. I'm not linking the story because it's the greatest piece of comedy I have ever read. I have one other reason why I would like to recommend this story and its author.

The person who is known in FA as AlaskanWolf is blind.

There, you read right. And no, that doesn't mean "legally blind" or "75% blind". That means genuine, honest, 100%, fully, blind.

I have recommended AlaskanWolf's epic novel 'Hearts In Alaska' in the past and I had no intentions to recommend anything else from this person. But, his blindness is a fairly new thing, not older than a few months and he is still adapting to his "eternal darkness". The most recent installment of his 'The Hell?' series happens to be the first story he has written mostly during his blindness. He has told elsewhere that writing is something very, very slow to him. But, he is writing, regardless of his condition, chasing his storytelling dreams. And that kind of ambition and determination are something I respect. So, give this guy a chance. 'Hearts In Alaska' is a serious fantasy/sci-fi/horror/thriller epic, 'The Hell?' is more about slapstick, tongue-in-cheek characters, scenarios and plots, and black, quirky humor.

Also, if you are interested to learn more about Adrik... here's something that will explain him better than anything I can write:

"Welcome To Darkness" by AlaskanWolf aka Adrik R. Wolf



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Now, being as objective as possible, I will recommend something that I have found to be very good and different from a certain writer.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3674168 by darkr3x

His detective raccoon character, Tanu, I think surprised many people on the Thursday prompt, including myself. Knowing him quite well and knowing his inability to write a short story, this little(what is becoming a saga) is a very refreshing change to read from him.


"Kindling" by Poetigress

One of the more imaginative and memorable dragon stories I've read. It centers around a sacred ceremony that kindles a dragon's fire, but what if such a ceremony goes terribly wrong?


Some of these links bring me to the FAF page but it says I'm not allowed to view this page? Why is it saying that? :(


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I would guess that you have your mature filter on, or are under 18, and those particular submissions were marked Mature or Adult.

If you are of legal age to view adult work and want to see it, just go to Control Panel --> Account Settings and where it says "View mature artwork?" choose Yes. Enter your password at the bottom of the page and click update. That should fix it.


I would guess that you have your mature filter on, or are under 18, and those particular submissions were marked Mature or Adult.

If you are of legal age to view adult work and want to see it, just go to Control Panel --> Account Settings and where it says "View mature artwork?" choose Yes. Enter your password at the bottom of the page and click update. That should fix it.

That's what it was, I hadn't registered before, and when I did the maturity filter was on, Thanks Poet :)


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If you like scifi stuff, I recommend the story, Desperation, on sofurry.com. It is written by Redfox76, and while the author strikes me as an old hermit with a sick sense of humor, the story itself is pretty deep. It can get pretty raunchy at times, and violent/gorey (not in yiff) at others, however.
Basically a bunch of mercenaries are doing what they do best, when they come across a new enemy, one that destroys a heavily fortified outpost, and May's "Avenging Aces" get hired to deal with the threat.

Here's the author's page, as he has character and technology info that goes with the story too. (Warning most of his stuff is NSFW)



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"The Cold Moons" by Aeron Clement -- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/571287.The_Cold_Moons

A sett of badgers are driven out of their homes by a badger extermination program undertaken by England back in the mid 1950's. The story covers their tragedies and salvation brought on by man. Beautiful, haunting, and moving. A challenging book, but well worth the challenge.

"The Color of Distance" by Amy Thomson -- http://www.amazon.com/books/dp/0441006329

An exploration team is sent from Earth to examine a planet teeming with lush jungle life, but without any signs of civiliation. Anaphylactic shock claims the crew after a filter failure, but one survivor, Juna, is found in time by the native intelligent race, the Tendu. The Tendu are an alien race very similar to tree frogs, who communicate through their highly expressive, colour-changing skin. Highly advanced and naturally capable in a sort of biotechnology, they restore Juna's life, but at a high cost: Literally grown a new skin to match theirs, she has to earn a place in their complex society. Her people are years away. Will they return in time before Juna goes entirely native?


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"Spectral Shadows" by Perri Rhoades.

Available in Live Journal and Fur Affinity flavors.

The text 'tween the stories is the same. The main difference is with the Livejournal page, there's more background info for the serial, and story wise, you get little "Featuring" icons before each episode's text (since it's supposed to be like a show), and also images embedded in the stories at various points. You can also view the "Series Synopsis" page and get a look into what all 34 serials were planned to be like.

So, what do I like about this story? Well, where to begin? I've never really listened to many Old Time Radio programs (which this series is supposed to be a novelized version of, according to the series' lore). I like the characters, the plot, most of the ideas expressed, and so on. The characters are nice and developed, and all appear to have some sort of reason for doing what they're doing. You'll never really run into someone who's evil "just for the lolz", which is something I like. You really get into what these characters think and feel, their likes/dislikes, hopes and dreams, fears and weaknesses, and even see a fair amount of the cast grow and evolve...for better or for worse.

Hell, the story even has a sex scene that I actually don't mind reading and isn't too badly written itself (This is in Serial 11, the current "active serial"; serial 1 is completed, 2 is on hold, the rest are unwritten. Serial 11 should be noted as NSFW), and besides serving the purpose of showing you something the characters had been discussing, also has events that lead the characters involved to see their past...even their past lives.

Y'know what, I'm just gonna link you to A post I made about it on Livejournal. It also gives some briefing on what the story is and the idea behind serials and what not.

So yeah...if you're looking for a great scifi/fantasy journey, come along with us, board our Soundchaser, and let the world of Spectral Shadows take you on it's journey through everything.


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I didn't see this one referenced, so I thought I'd mention it.
When We Were Real, by William Barton.
I actually stumbled across this novel before I'd ever even met/heard of furries- definitely germane to the thread, though, as far as I remember. The protagonist is a human but a good chunk of the novel has to do with relations between humans and the races of genetweaked anthropomorphic animals and constructs that once served them. It's got kind of the neat, old school experimental sci-fi quality. Fun smutty parts, shameless plunges into space opera; the whole nine yards.


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I'll be showing my age with most of these, but if I can introduce some of you pups to some new "old" authors I feel vindicated :)

The Chanur Series by CJ Cherryh, I loved the covers of these so much I tracked down the artist and ordered some prints, cute alien leonids!!

The Beastmaster by Andre Norton, this is the first story I can recall reading that had intelligent animals that wasn't a "kiddie" story. It has remained one of my favorite novels and I may forgive Marc Singer for the horrid TV version that had way too little to do with the book...some day.

Watchers by Dean Koontz, Einstein was the inspiration for what I feel is one of my best short stories. It certainly gets me at the end every time.

Quozl by Alan Dean Foster, floofy bunny aliens. The ending is hilarious :)

Startide Rising by David Brin, one of my all-time favorites. A spaceship crewed by dolphins....LOVED it!

The Man-Kzin Wars by Larry Niven (and he allowed many other great authors to play in his "Known World" universe) Watch those claws, monkey boy!


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I'm new here, but I've been lurking around the 'net for long enough to come up with what I think are some good recommendations for those of you who like to see more TG shenanigans in your furry fan-fiction. Here they are:

(Series) by Various Authors

Chronological Story List
On-Wiki Description: See here.
Impressions: What can I say about this sci-fi series that doesn't convey how much I love it? It's got anthro mecha, awesome tech, plenty of wisecracks, and great cultural references courtesy of the setting's Joe 'Crazy Joe' Steader. I classify this as a 'must read' even if you only have time to get to part of it.
First Story: 'The General' by Robotech_Master
Recommended Stories and Story Arcs:

Paradise (Series) by Various Authors
Chronological Story List
Description: See documentation starting here.
Notes and impressions: This series's only sci-fi elements aren't really explored too deeply until near its end, but it still delivers on high-quality character development since a lot of its stories are earlier work by the same authors who wrote FreeRIDErs.
First Story: 'On the Outside, Looking…' by Erastus
Recommended Stories and Story Arcs:

'MORFS' (Series) by Various Authors
Universe Timeline
Description: See 'Universe Rules.'
Notes and Impressions: I would have put links to the stories I've recommended below into this post, but this setting's stories tend to be published in multiple parts their respective authors' pages. This prevents me from adding links to all available story parts.
First Story: 'Ghost' by Britney McMaster
Recommended Stories and Story Arcs:
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