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Redhusky - Digital Comissions


Emperor of Floof! King of the Rats and Spamlord!
Good day,

I am open to take several Digital commissions within the following terms. If you are interested please PM me at my FA or DA account.

I recently open a Patreon account please consider supporting my work!

FA: Userpage of redhusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
DA: FlyingRam on DeviantArt

Details can be found here as well as below:
flyingram.deviantart.com: Collections and Comissions Update



The sheet has everything price wise down but as for conditions and details continue reading:

I take payments through PayPal.
I have had some close calls but have yet to be ripped off but just for my protection you must pay half of the commission fee up front before I begin. After the work has been completed then send the second half.

The examples are pretty self explanatory but just for clarification:

I consider a sketch unfinished "dirty" linework with perhaps some flat tones. Construction will be erased and it will "read" clearly.


This is cleaned up linework that is not toned or colored in anyway.

This will be finished linework with flat colors added to it. At most it will have a cast shadow.

This is finished linework, colored, and rendered. As good as it gets.

To clarify shading entails:
Rendering: Like jewels or metal
More details on effects like magic or smoke
Lighting effects

Details, Details, Details, AND Details....

Model Sheets
I used to offer model sheets but they took too much time and the price didn't cover the cost so if you want something like that I can still do it but I'll treat it as a regular commission will extra characters.

I can do comic pages but that would have to be negotiated page by page but off the bat know that the time investment might make it pricey.

Depending on how complex the picture is I try to keep the time to complete at about three days. I do tend to work slow but if I take your money know that it is a personally priority, as it should be. X3


I'm willing to do tasteful nudity or mature content but nothing explicitly x rated.
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