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redline needed for chimera character!


gryphon extrodinaire
Hi guys. This is my first anthro in years and years and years and I need some red-lines from people that are more familiar with humanoid anatomy than myself. I free-handed this completely without using a single photo reference so I know my anatomy is off but I want to know by how much. The pose is intentionally stiff as I was going for more of a character reference sheet sort of style.

Also, I can't find a good pose for the arms/hands. Any suggestions are appreciated. :3

Picasa shrunk it down. Click the link for full size.


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What is this? Wha..? -tilts head-

I have trouble with poses myself, but I guess you could make him do an arm pump, to show off his awesomeness! ^-^


Hit 'em right between the eyes
Here you go:


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Noooo! Make him do a "Rock on!" devil-horns sign!!