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Red's video corner, best place for mediocre content!

To get to the point sooner than later, I've been streaming and later on uploading videos to YouTube where I play through some last gen games or just oldies from around when I grew up(Not super retro).

If I'd try to explain it myself, it's just long streams usually lasting around 2 hours with quite a laid back attitude with some occasional derp on the way. I guess I'm targeting those people who enjoy having a video running on the side when they're working at their computer(Creative work or long hard grinds of sorts), maybe at their workbench, or just someone who wants to have some background noise to listen to when resting.

Here's some videos for those who are daring:
(Can just click randomly on timeline on any video and get the idea)

RPG's, First person shooters, oldies one grew up with etc.

Been holding this off for a while so I'd get time to upload at least some variety of streams and get a small library going before trying to even tell anyone to check it out, I still have some ways to go.

I do this mostly for fun, and when I get the time and energy, but I have ambitions to continue to build the channel as time goes on and if just one soul finds any kind of joy in the videos after bumping into this thread, I'd consider this post a success. The videos aren't quite on the top, but I'm not trying to be the best, just do my own thing, and if anyone would like to check any of them out or give a few minutes of their lives to have them running on the side somewhere I'd appreciate it.

www.youtube.com: redlinelies

Thanks for checking out the thread in this section of the forum!
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I feel bumping this thread wouldn't be any harm, uploaded a compilation video of the Skyrim streams a while back that maybe someone would find interest in.

Give it a watch if you have 10 minutes to spare of your life!
Threw together a little something after streaming bannerlord for a few hours.