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Redwall fans, who's your favoriet character?

John Wolf

The Timber Wolf
Slagar The Masked - The Fox


Christ, out of ALL the Redwall books...

Well, I can't lie no matter how many other characters I adore, I love Martin the Warrior the best. I read the actual book Martin the Warrior about ten billion times. And I can't decide among all the others, all of which I've read up to/including High Rhulain. They started getting *very* repetitive.


the < to my 3
Whitestrype! ...only read Salamandastron (why was it called that, anyway?). I also liked the black fox assassin.

Adelio Altomar

Rat-Sized Superiority Complex
Taggeng a.k.a. Deyna from the book "Taggerung."
I could just relate with this character so well, what with losing his father at an early age and all, and I guess that's the reason why I have an otter fursona and have a fascination with 'em.


I actually liked Veil, from the Outcast of Redwall. Him, as well as Deyna, Warbeak, Skarlath, and of course, all of the Redwall moles. xD


New Member
ZOMG REDWALL!!! I read about 9 books in the series a few years ago, I loved it so much!! But I had so many other books that I wanted to read, and then I forgot to return one book until it had a $30 fine, so mom won't take me back to the library now... Sadly I have forgotten most of the characters. I remember that I liked the hares though, they're cute. ^^ I really wanna start reading the Redwall series again..


Angry Otter
Deyna! ^^


Vulpius panthera
King bucko Big bones!! form lord brocktree. or Skalrag the fox from Martin the warrior . (even though he gets butally killed by Badrang's army)


I'd have to say the ferret from Outcast of Redwall.

I haven't read those boosk in sooooooo long, I still have almost all of them just sitting up on my shelf in my room.


New Member
Ferahgo & Klitch

I love the ferrets, stoats, and weasels pretty much in their entirety =P