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Ref Sheet ($40-ish)

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$40 (paypal) for Ref Sheet and reasonably quick turnaround.

I'm looking for a 3 pose ref sheet for a young mage OC.
-Simple full body front and back.
-1 pose with clothing/accessories.
(edit) Toony style with plantigrade feet is preferred.

Name: Ruu
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Age: ~ 8 or 9
Color/Markings: Mostly charcoal fur with a light-grey tip on his tail and right ear. Purple eyes.

His original design is the one on the left in this pic:
I put his design together quickly and gave the artist a hefty amount of freedom in the clothing and features. And while I'm not disappointed with the finished result, after some time and consideration, he doesn't feel like my OC and revisions are necessary.

Aside from the color change noted above, I want these changes made:
-Tail changed to from fox/wolf tail to cat tail. (like middle character)
-New hair style. Something like this: http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll283/satsuki42/final-fantasy-13-wallpaper-hope-001.jpg
(Yeah, I like anime-style haircuts)

Clothing in the first pic was based on Genis from Tales of Symphonia with some modification, but really any mage garb will do just to show that he does normally where clothes. And the only accessory of any importance is his magic staff also seen above.

I'm willing to pay up to about 40 USD via paypal and will do business here via PMs or notes on FA.
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I have sent you a note! :D
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