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Ref sheet and icon

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I'm looking for an anthro female ref sheet of this character (i'd like to keep the smokey/whispy/hound from hell look as much as possible, and she's a maned wolf so i'd want her to be drawn like one and not like, a timber wolf or something) and also a 100x100 icon please. Anyone interested? Post prices, examples, and turnaround.C:


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I can do this! My gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/toraneko/
I'll be away from my computer until Wednesday, but after that it should take no more than a week to complete. ^^

Forgot prices. My ref sheets range from $20-30 depending on what you want (views, expressions, etc) and my icons are $2.
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I can certainly do this for you. I work in a highly realistic style (you can see my art here: www.furaffinity.net/user/fourain) and currently have an auction for a ref sheet: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1015792.html but we can discuss prices if you want one straight away.
I also just opened commissions for realistic icons at $15 for a 240 x 240 px icon (which comes with a 100px version anyway.) My newest submissions to FA are good examples of my icons.

Turnaround time for the icon is usually 1-2 days, or less than a week. Ref sheet would depend on how much detail goes into it ;)

PM me or note me on FA if you're interested!


God I'd love to make you something amazing with this character..I think a ref sheet would be awesommee.. I love the wispiness! for a ref sheet depending on how detailed you want it i'd say 65 to 75. icons 150x 150 would be 10 dollars :) I LOVE HER. I like how you specified maned wolf and to be drawn like one alot of people can't really see the difference "when drawing" :/


My digital icons are $7 for first, $5 for second, $2 for third. All digital, given in 300x300 and 100x100 sizes.


This may be more along the lines you're looking for:
(not meant to be an icon but if you visit my FA you'll see I cropped it into one)

I don't do larger projects like ref sheets at the moment, but I do do inks. :)
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my works are traditional. icons are 10$, ref sheets are 75$ for the best one (includes front, back, and side, along with three poses and three expressions of your choice, and 3 accessories you want drawn.) prices on the ref sheets are negotiable, the less i have to draw, the less you have to pay. all commissions can be found here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shippy/


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I could make you both for $25. Paw has some examples. Though I don't really have any good ref sheet-like examples, I could probably do a private live stream and you could watch and help me make it.


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Such a lovely character ^_^ A ref sheet would be about $40 from me, 3 views full body views (two flat colored, one detailed/clothed), 3 expression shots and the Icon would be Free ^_^


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Hey, I wouldn't mind doing this if you like, 3 image sheet is $40 plus $4 for the icon. Turnaround is 1 week max, and examples are in my gallery. (some of my sheets are in scraps.)