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Ref Sheet for New Fursona


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Hi there! My base packs are 75$ and include front and back and a head close up. Tail close-up and color palette come free if you'd like them!

Here are some recent examples:



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I can make you a ref sheet for $15


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Hi! I can make you either a simple or a complex ref sheet!


The price may vary on how complex the character is, and could be upped a little bit since you don't have a set image of it yet.
You can contact me through:
E-mail: valtvdc@hotmail.com (Preferred contact media)
FurAffinity: furaffinity.com/user/ValensArtDen (Preferred contact media)
Twitter: @ValensArtPics (PMs exclusively)
Tumblr: ValensArtDen.tumblr.com (PMs exclusively)


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Hey there! I'd love to draw this for you!

My refs start at $45 and go up depending on what all you'd like added. Based on what you've said, I would probably charge closer to $50-$55 but I'm definitely willing to work out a price we are both comfortable with

Here's a couple examples:


And more examples in general can be found here: Succulentgarden's DeviantArt Gallery

Thanks so much for taking a look and best of luck in your search!


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Hey there! I currently have RLC slots open over at my Shop, and would love to do some work for you!

Prices are listed in GBP and USD for convenience, and range between £6.50/$9 to £40/$55+. Any conversions into other currencies will go from the GBP price, usually rounded up to the nearest .50.
I offer two reference sheet options; Simple sheets, and Complex sheets, and if you'd like an NSFW reference I also offer those~ Simple sheets start at £30/$40, and Complex sheets start at £40/$55!

Here are various links to my Gallery, DA Stash and Art Blog~! Please let me know if you're interested~



Hi! My reference sheets are 30 dollars at their base, which is a front and back view of the character! Any extra views are 15 dollars, and any headshots are an extra 5 dollars!