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Ref Sheet Quote (Avian, Adult)


The pea**** peep

I'm looking to get a quote for an adult ref sheet for myself, I'm going to leave this open for at least a week as I get paid next Friday.

What I'm wanting: Front and Back views, Clothed front view, A Headshot, Two items and an Adult closeup.

What I'm looking for with this is a) A price quote and b) An example of your work.

You must be willing to draw avian characters and mature artwork. And please, no sob stories or other reasons why I must choose you.

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I can do this. I charge 10 dollars an hour, my quote, at the absolute lowest is 65 dollars.
I have some simple examples here, I can show you more complex work if I perk your interest.



The pea**** peep
Right now I'm considering both ForeverAfter and White Fenrril. Also as there was a little confusion, Adult closeup means genital view. For the character just look in my sig, I thought that much would be obvious.


Ok, have to pipe in here as a fellow avian (well, partially anyway. ;3)

Forever does some badass work, and is a sweetheart to work with! <3
Though she hasn't posted, you might also want to check out http://www.furaffinity.net/user/electropanda/
who is ALSO a sweetheart, a fellow featherduster ;3, and also does badass art work.

And lastly? Awesome sauce seeing another of the feathery type on FA. There aren't enough of us! :D


The pea**** peep
I'm going to go ahead and call this closed a bit early as I have a few very good candidates for this here, I'll take a day or two to decide then I'll go ahead and contact the chosen artist.