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Ref Sheet


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* Budget: ~$65 USD via Paypal, neg. *

I'm currently shopping around for someone to do a ref sheet for me (at least front, back, side) which will serve as the reference for a partial suit in the very near future. The character is a mouse with white fur, red eyes, and pink skin (willing to allow for some artistic freedom if the artist has any fun ideas for markings, accessories, etc). I can provide a much more exhaustive description to anyone willing to hear more.

Contact: krichevskoy@gmail.com


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Hi! i would like to do your request ! here some example of my art and price.
If you want see more art, you can go here---> QueenSolaris on DeviantArt , and here you can find all the commission i made so far --->solaris91's profile — Weasyl
IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :)


character profile 25$:



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Sent you an email!


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I believe I've found what I'm looking for. Thanks, everyone, for the replies. I wish I could have worked with all of you, and I'll definitely keep you all in mind for future projects.