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(Commission) Selling: Ref sheets - different styles - $30-$60 range

Hello ! I'm getting used lately to do some ref sheets and I'd like to offer this service :)

My basic ref sheets include
-Front and back view OR two sides profile of the character
-Basic info such as name, sex/gender/pronouns and age for sample
-Small pattern/abstract background
-Optionally you can pick flat color or shaded
-You can pick character with clothes or not -if not it will be sfw either with underwear or doll-type body (no nipples nor genitals)

Basic ref sheet price - NOTE: despite samples, these all include the points mentioned above ^
-First sample style: $30 or 3k dA points
-Second sample style: $45 or 4.5k dA points
-Third sample style: $60 or 6k dA points

-Plus another view +60% fee
-Plus designing based on written info and/or pics is +20-30%
-Plus headshot +$3 each head
-For other non mentioned extras ask me!

I will do humans, humanoids, anthro and can work with feral too but I'm best at the others. I will do anthros other than canine/feline for sure, no problem.




Feel free to ask if interested!