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Ref Sheets/Solo/Couple Illustrations! $28-$200 price ests, no limits


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Hello, I'm back with some open commission slots!
I didn't know last time that blood was not allowed on the forums, so I'm being more careful with my art examples here. Solo full body illustrations start from $28, up to the hundreds depending on budget, details requested, and other factors.

Art up to $50 is required to be paid in full before work is done(via paypal business transactions). Illustrations $50-$119 can be paid in two installments, and payments starting from $120 require at least 1/3rd down payment before I begin working.

I work closely with all my clients over email, discord, PM, or whatever mutual contact method works for us both. :) WIPs are complementary no matter the price, and edits are accepted throughout the process as long as they are reasonable and requested early enough on to where it's not going to be more of a hassle for the both of us. Proper, accurate references, or references with clear direction for alterations help in reducing any communication based mistakes.

Now onto the samples~
For NSFW album, please PM me :)









Post here or PM me, and we can talk! :D
Thank you!


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Thanks. I'll pm you with more details.
Depending on the detail of the character, $90 to start! Stripes/spots/patternings of complex details and colours will increase the price, but only by about $20-$30 if they're very detailed like the floofling