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Meme Yeen
Oden ref sheet.png
Salkantay reference sheet.png

A flat colored reference sheet.
Front and back view, up to 3 props, 5 likes, 5 dislikes, gender, species, orientation and height.
Name in top left corner.
Starts at $45 can go up based on complexity.
Daisy waffle badge.png

Headshot badges
Digital copies only

Flat color - 20
shading -25
Cel Shading -25

Complex BG (As seen pictured)
Flat colors -25
Shading - 30
Cel shading -30

+$3 for any Phrases other than a name

Paypal only
Pay before you get the file
I send the pay request
Must credit me when posting elsewhere, if you need my tags on various sites I will provide them
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