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Reference Arts


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
Hiya! I was hoping I could get some artists to help me with some better references for my werewolf character. While I do have a fair amount of art of him, a lot of it is either sketches or other things that aren't really ref worthy.

I'm looking for either things I could put on a reference sheet, or things I could link people to!

Things I've been looking for but have not yet gotten:
  • Headshot expression references - The happy, sad, angry headshots you often see on ref sheets. I'd preferably like three: dorky grin, annoyed, and flustered (in a trying-to-hide-it way)
  • An official shirtless reference - People ALWAYS forget his tattoo and lighter chest fur, so this would be a great add
You don't have to draw these though! If you just feel like drawing a bust or something, you're more than welcome to!

Things to note:
  • He has lighter fur on his chest and on the tip of his tail. Even though it's literally all over his ref, people always miss this.
  • He has a tattoo on his right shoulder. It's normally hidden by short sleeves, but depending on how short the sleeves are it might be slightly visible.
  • The tips of his ears are black. The most minuscule detail, yet people always include it more than the lighter fur.
  • If he's drawn more like a werewolf, I prefer he wear tattered shorts at the very least.
  • People tend to draw him with lil nubs for eyebrows. He doesn't actually have nubs, they're just normal eyebrows. They are not some kind of marking, so please don't include nubs on top of his eyebrows, it just looks weird.

A lot of these are already on his ref but again it's pretty thrown together because they weren't actually made for a ref sheet. I feel like it's too messy and that's why people don't really pay attention to all the details. If I could get some cleaner, nicer pieces, maybe people will pay more attention to them. I plan on either adding them to his sheet or linking them in the reference journal.

Here's the character: www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet by featherw0lf
And a journal with extra info: Everything Ya Need to Know (References) -- featherw0lf's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

The character is a lovable dorky werewolf. He's a human that always stays in his werewolf form. simply because this is FA and he'd fit in better as a werewolf than a human. He enjoys gaming, skateboarding, working out, drawing, and being in nature.

I'd really appreciate anyone willing to help! I can't afford commissions and have no artistic ability so I have to rely on free stuff for this kind of thing. It's the main reason I don't have an official ref sheet; no one does that stuff for free. I hate when someone misses like his other fur color or something and then I can't do anything with the drawing because it's not accurate, so I'm hoping some better references will change that. :3

Not expecting much since people rarely ever bite at these things, but it would be awesome to get some quality art. Better than the drunk art freebies I'm used to, haha.
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