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Hiring: Reference Sheet Artist (DONE; Found! <3)


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Hi! I'm searching for an artist who can create a digital ref sheet for anthro mouse and rat characters for my novel. (Would commission 1 and if budgeting allows, will likely approach for another sheet in the future) I will send references if I can find an artist within my range.

My budget is $40-45!

What I'm looking for:
  • You must have an example of a rodent by some means! I've commissioned people in the past who didn't have experience with them, and they turned out looking like another species (instead of a mouse, they looked catlike, for instance). I will not feel comfortable unless you can provide some level of reference for how you draw mice/rats, etc, or something relatively close to a rodent.
  • Digital art only
  • Front of the character and back of the character; with and without clothes (not nsfw, just bare) + about 3 expressions/headshots
  • You must be able to provide WIPs of the ref process
  • Have a solid turnaround completion time of 1 week or less (2 weeks at max)
  • Respond on this thread; I would greatly prefer communicating through Discord if you have one, to allow for each communications. I will only give you my Discord if I'm interested. If you don't have Discord, I can use FA notes or email, but would prefer Discord or FA Notes. I can create a Telegram if necessary as well.


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang

*I am actually an opossum. FA notes please.

*I made this $45 reference sheet for a fella. Are you interested in something similar?

forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - [SFW & NSFW] Fantasy BG / 2D Art / 3D Model / Animation / Printables ($5~$200)

more mice examples:
poprocker566.artstation.com: Character Portfolio 2018


Ante Up!
Heya, I'd like to apply to help you out! For $45, I'd be able to provide a sketchy ref sheet with flat color (no lines, just sketchwork, but I have pretty solid sketches) and a base head with changed expressions. I'm comfortable drawing rodent characters, and here's an example of a ref sheet I created of one of my rat characters.


And here's a ref for my sketch work below! A final product would be cleaned up a bit (erasing the inner base lines), and have simple flat coloring.


If you're interested, you can send me a note here, or contact me via Discord at Quroypeco#1585! Best of luck finding your artist c:


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Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my rodents:





and here is an example of a reference sheet I did:


For cell-shaded reference sheets I charge $26 USD per full-body view. Digitally painted reference sheets are $37 USD per full-body view.
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
Hey there!
I specialize in character design and I absolutely loooove rodent characters. xD I Have a few of my own, too! Links below:
Candy Fairfur by ValyceNegative on DeviantArt
Joypad Multimedial by ValyceNegative on DeviantArt
Program LivingVirus by ValyceNegative on DeviantArt
I can offer a SFW, digitally flatcoloured ref whose base price of 45$ includes three fullbody views (generally front, side and back), up to 5 between acessories closeups and headshots, a chibi front/back and a colour palette. More fullbody views can be added for 10$, while extra close-ups and expressions shots are 5$ each.
You can see my gallery of completed ref sheet commissions at: ValyceNegative's submissions — Weasyl
As well as more examples of my style on FA: Userpage of valery91thunder -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Payment via Paypal, sketch and coloured WIPs provided for approval. I also have a fairly quick turnaround within a couple of weeks.
I can be added on discord at BunOfThunder#4458 !


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Hi! I have quite some experience drawing rodents. The only recent examples I have are of a rabbit, but I've drawn plenty of rats, squirrels etc. as well. My ref sheets are 10$. I know that's cheap, but I'm a beginning artist. I can also offer a free sketch (of a front view for example) to see if you like my style. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions!
Here's an example. There's more on my profile, somehow I can't upload more images at the moment : (