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Reference Sheet Commission for feline fursona (Plus a little help with the design)


Hello! I'm currently looking for an artist who's accepting commissions for reference sheets.

To start, I have a feline fursona (snow leopard to be exact) who doesn't have any real art of him yet, but I do have a base I found on Google Images that I edited to pretty much match what I'm looking for. Additionally, I have a few references that I found that should serve as good foundations for what I'd like his body structure and face shape to look like. So anyways, it won't just be some vague description, I have a rather clear idea of what I'm looking for, with the help of the base and some external references from other artists. (I'd also like to just state that this reference sheet is SFW)

Also, the artist has to be willing to help me with the design. I like the general direction of the design I have right now, but I want to make sure that he isn't too complicated to the point where he'd be annoying to draw. I'd also like a little help with the color palette. The colors are basically where I want them, but maybe there's a better combination of different colors or shades that would be better suited.

I have more information to give to whichever artist is willing to do this, but for now here's my price:

The maximum I'm comfortable spending is $75 - for a sheet with:

- 2-3 Poses
- 1 to 3 Facial Expressions
- A Name Graphic

Don't worry if that price is too low for you. If the price is a tad low for what you'd normally charge, then it's no worries, we can talk about it via DM. As an artist of a different trade, I totally understand the frustration of people wanting to underpay you for your work. If you feel this would not be enough money for the work you'd put in, then let me know!

I'd love to hear from any artist who's interested in doing this!

- Zesty


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Hi! i would like to do your request ! here some example of my art and price.
If you want see more art, you can go here---> QueenSolaris on DeviantArt , LaPonto on DeviantArtand here you can find all the commission i made so far --->solaris91's profile — Weasyl
IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :) I have a discord account if you want to contact me here.

Sketch and chibi -5 $

Flat color and character profile - 20$

Illustration- 60$



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Hello! I can't show any examples of reference sheets here (I have one but it's NSFW so I can't post it) but I do have an experience with drawing various poses/expressions.
I think we can discuss the price since it's not on my CM info (it should be somewhere between 55-70 USD).
For my general commission info please refer to this link: www.furaffinity.net: Commission info and rules -- DrAltruist's Journal

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Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my reference sheets:






For cell-shaded references I charge $26 USD per full-body view and $16 USD per detail shot. So a cell-shaded reference sheet with 2 views and 1 facial expression would cost $68 USD. This includes making a graphic for the name. Of course more options are possible too, but I thought I would quote something that is very close to your initial price.
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


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Hi! These are my general prices. Ref sheets are not included, but since they are a "pack" of flat colored pictures, it would totally cover what you want with your budget. You don't specify this in your post but sadly I don't work NSFW refs, so it would have to be a clean version. If you want more information please feel free to send me a mail to holydramon@gmail.com and we can go into deeper details!



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Hey there! I'm really interested in drawing this for you!
Here's some examples of what I can do:

And more can be found at my da:
Succulentgarden's DeviantArt Gallery

I typically charge $20 per pose, $5 for info, and $5 per headshot. So for everything you'd like added, I would quote around $55-$60
And if you decide you want any major edits to the design you already have, we can work out any additional cost.

Thanks so much for taking a look and Best of luck!


Hello, if you're still looking for an artist I'd like to offer!
I can do something like these for $70


This one is unfinished (and might be forever) but she's one of my OCs, and a feline, so I could definitely help with design of your character!

I wish you the best of luck finding an artist!!


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I'd love to do a reference sheet for you! I'm open to revisions and I offer design assistance with my reference sheets. I can do a two view sheet with 3 portraits and name graphic for $75
Check out examples of my work in my gallery here:

Artwork Gallery for ladylyrebird -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Send me a note here or on FA if you're interested in my work, thanks!


I can create you a three pose Reference Sheet with four expressions and a name graphic as well as a free NSFW version for 60 USD


You can find my queue, my terms of service and other things I offer on my shop.


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Hey there! I currently have RLC slots open over at my Shop, and would love to do some work for you!
Prices are listed in GBP and USD for convenience, and my Reference sheets cost between £30/$40 and £40/$55+. I offer two types of sheets, Simple and Complex!
Any conversions into other currencies will go from the GBP price, usually rounded up to the nearest .50.

Here are various links to my Gallery, DA Stash and Art Blog~! Please let me know if you're interested~