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Hi there! I’m open for Anthro Reference Sheet Commission that includes

・1 Fullbody Front
・1 Fullbody Back
・1 Chibi + 4 outfits
・Backpack and (4) items aesthetic



There are three options:
Reference Sheet Base Color - $55 USD
Reference Sheet Full Color - $78 USD
Reference Sheet Full Color + All outfit chibis in different poses - $90 USD


Payment is upfront via PayPal (USD currency).
JUST FOUR SLOTS AVAILABLE! To claim a slot you should either comment here or PM me.

Any question feel free to ask, I’ll try to reply to all your doubts.
Thanks for the opportunity!

By ordering a commission you agree with these Terms of Service.
PLEASE NOTE I JUST WORK 1 SLOT PER TIME. Sorry if reply is not instantly.

・You are only buying the digital version, for personal use. Commercial Use will increase prices.
・Commission MUST be done within 7 days. Passed this time you can cancel and ask for a FULL REFUND, no matter how advanced the artwork is.
・No Holds. Payment goes up front via PayPal only on USD currency.
・Only the owner of the illustration (the commissioner) has permission to re-post the image anywhere, without having to ask me. Always giving the proper credit to me as the artist.
・Turnaround time stars AFTER payment is done, not when you ask for the slot.
・Unless you ask for the commission be private, by ordering a commission you agree that I can upload the preview art to my other social media (Facebook, Instagram…), always giving proper credit to the characters owners.
・I can refuse to accept any commission. It that it does not comply with my rules or any other reason

・Difficult or complex designs (Armors, lot of details, etc) can have an extra charge of the 20%
・I give 3 WIPs on full color versions: Rough Sketch (you can change practically anything on this one), clean sketch Line (Small changes) and Base Color (Color corrections, small details missed). You can ask up for 2 modifications per time.
・Simple background (Artistic freedom) is included in the price of every picture. But it's totally up to you if you want it or prefer a PNG version.
・If you want a complex or specific backgrounds, an extra cost will be added depending on the complexity of it.
・I can do NSFW artwork, please discuss the details before paying.

・I can refund 100% of the payment only if I have not finished the artwork after max. 7 days after payment. There’s no other way to get a full refund, please consider this if you want to commission me.
・If for some reason you do a chargeback on PayPal, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers (this include custom characters and adopts). You will also be blocked and you won't be able to purchase anything from me anymore.
・The estimated wait time is 1-2 days to artwork to be finished, but because I have a baby boy, and a life out of the PC, the max time of delivery is 7 days for security range.