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Hiring: Reference sheet design for rabbit character ($100~$130)

hi there! if you're still looking, i would love to work with you!
I don't currently have any ref sheet examples, but would could always work out a deal for you being the first!

more info in my commissions thread here, my base price for a full body drawing is $45 currently :•)
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Hello c:
If you still need help with ref, i do this!

Two forms - 50$

Reference includes decorative elements on the simple background, description (if necessary) and small details \ additional items!

Anyway, it all depends on your wishes, so write me the details and we will agree on the price.
If you're still looking, I do design commissions all the time so I'm super comfortable working with clients to make sure the end result is something you're happy with. Check out my commission info for examples!