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Hiring: Reference sheet & emotes/stickers! ($500+)


Cute with an Edge
If you're still looking, here's My Commission Thread and here is my email: mgvartist@icloud.com. I'm willing to haggle. Below are my most relevant examples:



Sushi Bar Destroyer
Hello! I'm a super flexible artist with a whole range of different options when it comes to my commissions! My icons start at $20 for a single frame, but I'm open to do animation work as well. You can find all my info and examples of my work by visiting my FAF thread or my Carrd site. Hoping to have a chance to work with you~



Hello i have $50 for (5) pk of telegram stickers and $90 for (10) pk of stickers! I can also send you the png if you needed to upload it for discord emotes! Heres my carrd with examples which also has a link to my Ko-Fi that has more commission examples in its gallery!



Looking for a sfw reference sheet for my sona! I need at least a flat-colored front and back view, preferably with some chibi outfits and maybe a few small items/accessories. I'm also looking to have a few custom Discord emotes and/or telegram stickers done of the same character. Budget is around $500 for everything but negotiable for the right artist!

CHARACTER REF: https://toyhou.se/18476604.scarilyn-mournroe/gallery
Hello, I would like to apply for this commission. I am an anime artist that specialise in character and creature design



Thank you in advance and I hope you like my art.