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Reference sheet needed


Melon Collie
Looking for a reference sheet artist to draw my melon collie fursona.
Above is the basic ref.(thats my FA account also)

Budget is about $75 but could go more depending on artists.
Would prefer a quick turn around if possible.(Month or less).

I'm looking for something a bit different in style/design so hit me with examples :).
By different I mean bold/different styles etc looking for something cartoony or semi realistic.

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I do reference sheets in an interesting way. I give you choices, like a subway sandwich, and you say what you want on it.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3610765/ NSFW

Flat rate, meaning just the key and the person, would be fifteen dollars
Another full-sized, say of them in another outfit or you just want another angle, or if your character has a second 'form', this is ten (so the two together are 25)

The addition anything else is five dollars.

There are four things you can add:
2 Markings Minis (these two, together, are five dollars)
Four expressions, your choice or I"ll make them up
A genitalia close-up (for if your character has a different color or piercings)
and Close up of objects, this can be jewelry, accessories, clothes, whatever (this is another that may go up if they are super complex or a lot of them lol, but no doubt we can suss these things out)



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You might wanna fix the link to your FA page from the forum - in the box where it prompts you to enter your FA username, there is no need for you to past the whole URL, just your username.


Wow awesome character! :D I'm currently working on this reference for $50: http://sta.sh/#/d10kfkdzwj0r (it's not colored or inked yet).
Here is my gallery for more examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/maquenda
My fursona's ref sheet: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7983333/
Another refsheet commission: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6393268/

I use paypal for payments and first I'll make the sketch and after it's approved, the payment will be send. After that,I'll finish it.

Note me if you're interested! :)


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I've noted you on FA! :3


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Dropped you a note on FA.


Hey I'm afraid I have not yet fully standardized my pricing for reference sheets, but something very basic like this with one view and one partial view, flat digital colors is $15

I think three views and 3 headshots flat digital would be about $40 Shading or traditional colors in markers or pencils would be $50
My digital shading looks like this: Black Cat Applejack
This is what colored pencils look like (nsfw, nipple nudity). I think your character would look really sweet on dark paper like this btw :3
and these are markers:

Here is my FA gallery
Thanks for your consideration, I hope you can find what you're looking for <3


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If you're looking for something different, I could probably stretch to a $75 ref sheet. Click the paw for my gallery.