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Reference sheet with probably help with my new fursona. (UPDATE 5/01: NOW LOOKING FOR A NEW ARTIST!)

Hello there.

I'm looking to hiring another, better artist for my fursona after the first one did not go well.

Price Range: I can go up to $200 or $350 (So it covers the cost of the deadline completion before megaplex.). If you're asking me for a high price and I can't actually afford it, you may have to wait for me until I have enough money really. Hopefully I can be quick but I can't count on promises.

I tried to make it as an anime/kemono style character however. I also wanted to make my fursona cute & attractive. Here the parts I wanted for my character:

Could you do a cute face and head like that? With more of a anime look if possible:
The sketch is done by Darkanine121212

Here the design from the artist tried to do:
The other two sketches are done by the artist NegaNeon, which she was supposed to complete my fursona, but she cannot handle the difficulty of the design I wanted to be.
I wanted the eyebrows on the left as well the feet on the right (which is 4 toes per feet)

You can contact me by PM, reply to me, or e-mail me at zerochan8@gmail.com.

Thank you for you consideration.
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Hi! i would like to do your request ! here some example of my art and price.
If you want see more art, you can go here---> QueenSolaris on DeviantArt , LaPonto on DeviantArtand here you can find all the commission i made so far --->solaris91's profile — Weasyl
IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :) I have a discord account if you want to contact me here.





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Hi! I'm really interested in your request.
I can do it for $120-$150.
Here are samples of my art style


I have no anthro pieces atm. but I assure you, I can do it as well as my other pieces.
Thank you. I hope you'll get back to me soon.

You can see some of my works here:


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Apologize for a moment of silence.

I would love make some annoucements but right now I'm not at home until later which sucks because I can't drive because of my mental issues. I now have a very limited time on the computer from Monday to Friday since October because of my family trying to save money. I'm 22 and still living with my family because of my mental issues and I only go to technical college. I know, my life sucks.

I will update today or tomorrow depending how much time.
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Hi there.

Sorry for a late reply but I already picked someone a few days ago.

But I would like to thank you reaching out on me. Hopefully I would do some more hiring in the future.