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(Commission) Selling: Reference sheets! (20€/1)


God of Destruction appears
Hi there!
With loads of time I need to fill up with something, I thought I'd open up these commissions again^^

I do:
-All creatures (but I'll need reference pictures or descriptions)

I don't do
-nsfw stuff


-basic RS - 20€
Contains: front and back view of the poses + 2 headshots




-large RS - 30€
Contains: front and back fullbodies, +1 more pose of any kind (usually to show off clothes), 2 headshots




-For wings, especially feathered ones, I charge additional +5€
-Each +1 fullbody is +10€
-Each +1 headshot is +5€

-I take payments after I show you a sketch of what your reference sheet will look like, so that you know what you'll be getting - payments via paypal

These are the usual prices but I'm always willing to negotiate about additional stuff so don't be afraid to ask!~

Please shoot me a PM if you're interested~

I also do some other stuff for flexible prices, so if you want, go ahead and check out my gallery here: Artwork Gallery for KynRen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
most of those drawings are pretty old, so again here comes in the payment after a sketch rule, and you'll get to see how I'd make your request work and decide if you want it afterwards~
Mostly though, you can ask me about sfw pinups, pen sketches, headshots, sticker-type works, etc.~

I'm looking forward to working with those who are interested!
Have a nice day, everyone!
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God of Destruction appears
Is the Drel sheet a basic RS?

Do you have any examples of the large RS?

No, Dreg is the small one, those only have 2 poses and 2 headshots
Large ones are Kat and the lovely gentleman above her and anything with even more poses/headshots than that