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Free Art: Reference sheets for those who dont have any art


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I'm looking to pass some time the next few days while I'm moving.
I will do a reference sheet using some bases i own for some peeps that have no official art of their character.
I do not know how many slots will be available but please include the word Flooftastic in your post to show you're not just slapping a post in here.
Ref sheet will include:
  • Front pose
  • Back pose cut-off
  • 1 Chibi outfit
  1. Wabbajax - Done
  2. ..?
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I don't have much art of my OC Tara! If you would like to draw her, her main refs are below!
78b73971-6a42-49bd-9fda-522d99cd3d71 (3).png aeDCgC5.png
Thank you so much! She's one of my neglected characters and I really appreciate the opportunity!


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While I'd love to get in on this I haven't actually designed the character who'd need it and until my wrist heals I can't art for myself to design it.

I'll toss Misu in for consideration.

Misu on Toyhouse

Still Looking forward to seeing the art!

Also.. Flooftastic. XP
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I don't know if you'd consider me or not, but if you did it would be flooftastic!

I drew my own reference of Jax (the jackal in my pfp) but it didn't turn out very good and I don't have any other art of him other than the headshot (which is mostly a free base).

He is a European Jackal with a light patch going down his throat onto his chest and the same light fur on his paws. The dark brown on top of his head goes down the back of his neck, down his back, and onto his tail. The rest of him is a light reddish-tan. The only other notable features are his mohawk, the tear in his left ear, and his missing ring-finger on his left paw.

He also has a plain olive-green army jacket that is his favorite piece of clothing. He likes to pop the collar up when wearing it. :p

Thanks for the consideration!

Here's a pic for reference of what I'm talking about with his coloration in case it helps:
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Does it count if you have a little bit of art but none of it is over the chosen character..? Probably? Well I'll just have to hope ya do draw it and do a flooftastic job that'd be great~

Name: Valarius
Species: Dragon
Occupation: Artifact creater (best compared to blacksmithing.)
1. Thick, strong body type
2. Probably a goldeny eye color
3. Small spikes on both edges of tail that eventually end at the end of the tail
4. Crowned spikes as part of his head
5. Small goatee like beard
6. Magic rune designs on the wings (any one should be fine since they can change, same for their color)
7. Digitgrade legs
8. Older and experienced looking
9. Dark red outer color with a very dark blue/grey belly color and black inside of the wing
10. Spiky edged wings
11. Tough and durable armorlike scales
(Aaaand if you do happen to pick this and you have questions, and let's be honest having questions is a good thing, just let me know.. i didn't get to write as much as i could've at the moment but, if there's anything else you want to know just ask.)
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This is my first fursona and I don't have any art for her yet. If you can, would you please do a reference sheet of her? If you could it would be flooftastic.

Lusa is an anthro northwestern wolf. She has fur like this picture but has icy blue undertones in it. Lusa is almost fit enough to be considered athletically fit. Her tail is slightly curved but not a crescent shape if that makes sense. (If that doesn't make sense then don't bother.) Her paw pads are a natural dark grey and her eyes are can be either gray, blue, brown, or amber. Whatever you decide. She has dot markings going from the outer corner of her left eye and curving down to align with the inner corner. (Hope this makes sense.) When she wears clothes, she wears a tribal style outfit that looks very similar to an Inuit tribe's clothes. If anything doesn't look good or you think something would look better just do whatever you see fit.


If my description doesn't make sense, then please ask me about it.
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Heyo ! i've made a ref sheet for my OC Deror but i'm not fine with it, one character of my story would tell that it's not enough flooftastic!

It might be better if his markings were easier (M/Pic-to-pic -shaped and straight) to draw (they may keep the same place). Also i'm not really fine with his head and face. and finally, i think i'm not that good at musculature, i will have to learn anatomy more than i did in school.

Also, for specific clothes, he only has a cape/hood to hide from others view, one face is yellow-ish and reflects light, the other side is black (and better to hide in dark places). you can still draw him any clothes you like.


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