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Slimy Googly Monster
Hello all!
I'm offering Commissions budgets of many kinds. Pretty much everything "full" you find in my gallery is 50€ but there can be done cuts to lower the costs. (Look up the flexible options!)

You can also find all the pricing information you need on my FA commission-tab.

If you're using a different currency, try this:

Simple Pricing

50€ Scenes (SFW or NSFW)


30€ Budet-fullbody option with sketchy lines and/or simplified shading:

50€ Reference sheets can vary:
(I do work based on descriptions-only, too!)

1) one fullbody, three portraits, one bustshot


2) two fullbody shots, two dress-ups

3) two fullbody shots, one portrait, one outfit on the same pose

Flexible Pricing
If you want to put together something yourself - here is the break-up for the sake of transparency and not having to ask for a price if you're uncomfortable doing that:
(If you know exactly what you want and don't want to calculate the price just ask me :')


Basic price with one full-body-shot included: 30€

Additional full-body: +10€

(Dressed/posed) bustshot: +10€

One portrait: +5€
Three-portrait set: +10€

One dress-up: +5€

Single NSFW close-up/detail shots: +5€
Triple Detail-set : +10€ (Can be used for NSFW close-ups, items, weapons etc.)

If you choose a NSFW close up I offer doing a SFW and NSFW version of the sheet without additional costs. The NSFW version can include the NSFW bits on the full body shots too (no costs when the close up was bought!)

Examples of flexible options:


SFW & NSFW scenes:

Basic price is 50€ and includes a full-body shot of any type and a simple background. (Un)dressed, armored, dynamic pose, etc.
-20€ when only the bust is visible (first character)
-10€ when only the waist is visible (first character)

+10€ for a complex background. (Room-insides, underwater corals, vehicles, etc.)

+10€ for an additional character with a bust visibility.
+15€ for an additional character with a waist visibility.
+20€ for an additional character with a fullbody visibility.

+50% on each additional character if it's a complex outfit/armor.
+5€ for complex wings.

If you're interested in a commission you can contact me via note on FA, a private message in this forum or send an E-mail to 1992rafaelmartin@gmail.com .
I'll keep this thread updated and change the title when I'm full.
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