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Refurbishing an old bodysuit?


hi! i have a bodysuit of a character i used like ten years ago. the body's been kept in storage so there's no like..gunk on it or anything, but it also hasnt been washed since. the character i currently use has the same color fur, and bodysuits tend to cost a lot nowadays, so i'm wondering if there's anyway i can refurbish the suit into a new bodysuit i can use?

-digitigrade; padding is not removable, but i can easily change that
-sewn-on tails; again, i can easily fix that
-outdated markings; not an issue because the character i use now has shaggy fur that can easily cover those up
-velcro-up back; i can fix this as well no problem, i was thinking about adding a front zipper instead and just sewing up the back
-MAIN ISSUE: the bodysuit was made with stretchy pants in the legs (leggings i think??) and they're a little small for my...well, let's just say it, current ass size lol. this is the main issue i'm running into, and i was wondering if there's any way to fix this? i'm fine with slicing and dicing the suit as long as the main body is in tact!)

i'm lucky because every other part of the suit seems to fit despite it being this old; the original maker didnt require me to use a dtd, so they just guessed on my measurements, and in turn made it kind of baggy so it still fits me besides the waist/butt area! all it needs is a little washing and brushing and fix-em-upping i think. OR am i being too optimistic about this lol i'm honestly just trying to save a little money if i'm being real, i don't have a well-paying job and i'm kind of desperate for a suit at this point!

thanks in advance!