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Regarding the latest Mainsite Announcement

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A quick request for clarification (aimed predominantly towards @Dragoneer ) since FurAffinity and FurAffinity Forums are not quite consistent in this matter: Is this a case of "Affairs of other boards / websites don't concern us" (as in: So long as somebody keeps their mainsite and / or forum activity clear and continues to follow ToS, they're free to post whatever they so desire elsewhere), or of "If somebody can provide reasonable evidence of a user or users engaging in such behavior, even if it's off-site, please let us know"?

Since this is just a request for clarification, and obviously the subject of as much is a whole can of worms (that, for that matter, is against Forum ToS to get into the nitty-gritty of), this thread is not for throwing out names or trying to debate the matter / ruling or whatnot, and hopefully will only live long enough to get an answer of either "If it ain't on FA(F), we don't want to hear about it" or "If you can provide reasonable evidence and connection, we do want to hear about it".


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Unfortunately one of the furries who follows me on Twitter posted to say they felt US senators 'deserved' the capitol attack, before endorsing criminal damage and vandalism of their homes.

So this isn't a laughing matter.


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These standards apply to all aspects of Fur Affinity such as social interaction and content that you upload to the site. Before opening a Trouble Ticket, please be aware that we neither accept third-party reports nor act upon incidents occurring outside Fur Affinity unless a substantial and direct correlation can be made to an incident that is imminent or occurring on Fur Affinity.
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