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Regreted Joining furry community


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I joined FA cause they let me post my human smut.
So no.

Unless you mean furry community as a whole, then also no. I was never a part of it.


I'm going with "yes this is an actual legitimate question" I will say yes and no.

Yes to how the furry fandom is just with smut, and all the craziness. Yes to all the drama and the elitism.

No to actually joining the forum, I don't paint the entire world with one brush on the fault of the so called elite or the pretentious. Do I think all furries are like this? No, do they have a deserved reputation. Fuck yeah they do, but not every singly last furry. I hate humanity in general, but I don't hate humans. I hate those who are bad apples, but I don't hate the fandom instantly. I don't regret joining this community, only regret having to interact with people who are less sane.

I hate those who clearly have issues, but I don't hate the furry fandom when they're rational and not being elitists.


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Not really. I've had a hand in some drama before (involving a fursuiter I used to know who got outed as a generally pretty gross person, and no I will not be name-dropping), and it was a bit tiresome, but overall I have yet to have a seriously bad experience that made me regret joining the fandom. I've met some cool people and it's nice to be able to share and talk about my work without the fear of judgement; I'm even awed by a lot of the creativity the community has to offer. The worst experience I've had was actually with people outside of the fandom wreaking havoc on furry platforms.


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Regret over engaging with a hobby/interest you enjoy is a waste of time. I may regret certain interactions, or look back and go “well that was daft of me,” but that’s at least as true of life in general as of my experiences in the fandom.

Other people behaving badly is not for me to regret; I don’t control their behavior, and if anyone should be plagued with a guilty conscience over it it’s them, not I.


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I most likely wouldn't be successful in life nor would I have friends I at times wish I could cry in pure happiness for having, so no, I don't regret becoming active in the fandom. If anything it have made me into who I am today; Have a job. Have long-term goals I want to achieve. Good health that is always improving. Able to properly socialize despite all the potential limitations imposed upon me by my social anxiety, Autism and introverted nature. Blessed with amazing friends. The list is long over blessings I have been granted, and I am not interested in squandering them.

I am thankful to all(yes, all of you) the people I have met throughout the years, and hopefully will be sticking around for many years to come. Considering getting a tattoo actually..


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Never for one second. Every community has its bad apples, and the furry community is no exception. But being involved in online communities for 10 years (both furry and non-furry) has taught me to avoid the bad types and just focus on the good stuff instead.


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I can get into a depressed slump when some folks in the fandom do bad things. Sometimes it seems like there is a huge portion of bad people in the fandom, but that's not really the case. When you focus too much on the bad, it can look like it's all bad when it's not. I remind myself that most people in the fandom are just like me and it's not a zoo/pedophilic cult.

I occasionally get really disappointed and depressed because of the horrid minority that show their ugly faces sometimes, and sometimes I think about leaving the fandom that I like so much just because I don't want to be associated with the depraved few, but I have never regretted joining the fandom to begin with. I've had a lot of fun.

I don't see myself ever leaving the fandom. I might take breaks from it if the bad stuff overwhelms me, but I'll always return. I'm in love with the concept of anthropomorphic animals and especially animalistic monsters. It's such a broad interest with endless creativity at my and others disposal. As much as the bad eggs upset me, none of them will make me lose interest in the base interest that ties all furries together.

I never want kids, so as far as the concept of leaving the fandom to focus on family is concerned, that doesn't apply to me. I'll be a greymuzzle someday if I don't die young somehow. I'll be seeing you all 30 years from now.
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The biggest thing I probably regret from joining the fandom is all the money I've spent on art xD apart from that, I've found some good friends and had some good times at cons. Finding a place where I could be accepted helped to transform me from a bitter realist into someone more compassionate and understanding. People in the fandom have also given me my motivations for continuing along my current educational path. Would those things have happened if I was not part of the fandom? Most likely yes; as the other reality would probably not have worked out. But since I am part of the fandom, really unless something terrible happens, I probably won't ever leave


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<insert “I regret nothing” picture>


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If I never joined I'd probably would have (censor) myself honestly...
I don't regret joining and I am happier than i was before, but i did consider how this could have effected my social life and the possibility of it going south. But thankfully even my friends with more "spicy" views on furry's were cool with it.

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I wouldn't know the awesome people I know today (or knew in the past, RIP some of them) without having taken the chance of joining this pack of fellow delusional people that pretend to be animals (or delusional animals that pretend to be people, starting with my cat). :D