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Regular moderation required


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
The spate of counterfeit passport and identity card sale threads, which started over 24 hours ago, has not been redressed because no staff have logged into the site since it started.

At least 8 near-identical threads have been posted all over the forum and numerous reports have been filed.

May I ask, on behalf of all users of this site, that at least one forum moderator should login at least once each day?

I might also ask whether reports trigger email notifications to be sent to staff, so that they are notified of serious spam, scam or malware distribution efforts even when they are not logged in?



'Net Help Desk
It's been longer ago than that, coming up on 78 hours since a mod last checked in.


'Net Help Desk
Eighty-five hours since the last moment a mod was online here. That is officially the greater half of a week.

Most on the forum staff page have been checked out for much longer. Some haven't checked in since FAF came back online.


Inglorious Bastard
The spambots need to die.

Ahkrin Descol

RELIC Specialist
*Urge to post necrobeagle gif intensifies*

They still forcing dox-able material for mod recruitment? Might explain the lack of anything being done even with me reporting bots.


'Net Help Desk
Well, the spam seems to have been cleared up.

And it took nothing less than the seniormost administrator and former site owner doing it himself.