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Reintroducing Myself


New Member
Well, a while back I decided to make an account on FAF. I did not know too much about the furry fandom then except I that I like to dress up sort of like a wolf. I met a few friends on this site and talked to them for several months. After a while our small group kind of broke up and we went about our ways. My main purpose in reintroducing myself is a chance to repeat that situation without the break up this time. I enjoy making new friends and I would really like some furry buddies to talk to. Anytime I bring up the furry fandom with my local friends, it just turns into a game of insults.

Anyways, as for myself, I'm a wolf furry. Nothing really special about me. I'm not the kind of person who likes to sit around and draw furries or gawk at the artwork of others. I am a camping/adventurer type of guy. I love guns, knives, fire, and glowsticks. Although, I really do enjoy dressing up as a wolf. All I have so far is a collar, hat, and a tail, but it's enough that I can at least act like a wolf. I am not a nerd of any kind. I rarely like to read and I don't know anything about comics. I will play PS3 games if theres a buddy to play with but I still don't play very often. In real life, I'm just a teenager who isn't fond of giving out much information on the internet. I'm also not the kind of guy who really enjoys talking in public chatrooms too much. Meaning, if you really want to get to know me better, then I suggest you send me a private message. Please don't shy away from messaging me as I really am quite eager to make some new friends again, and thank you to all of the people who took the time to read through this mess. Also, feel free to ask any questions you'd like.


The Arcane Sage
Welcome! or rather welcome back!


Future Auto Mechanic
Guns...knives...fire...GLOWSTICKS?!!?!?!!??? To the private messager!!


Welcome back to the forums, glad to meet you, if you like fire you should've seen a minecraft house, even if you don't like minecraft you would've loved it.