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Relatively cheap sources of 'fur'?


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Hey fluffbutts!

I've been entertaining the possibility of making a fursuit head of my character lately, but I'm not really sure where best to look for a relatively cheap material that I can somewhat decently use for fur. I know that the most decent things like faux fur are typically pricy, so i'm thinking more in terms of 'would look adequate.'

I'll be delighted to hear any suggestions:)


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Bigzfabric.com always has lower prices and good quality. The eco-shag costs about 18.99 a yard and I believe they have fur starting at 15.99 per yard!


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I saw some with fleece that were ok, but it would work best with really toony stuff, and definetly wouldn't look as good as fur


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@Ravofox , you shouldn't get the cheapest fur. The way I look at it, you are probably going to use less than 7 yards of fur for a full fursuit. If you save, for example, ten dollars a yard, you are only saving 70$ (USD). The fur is the first thing people see when they look at your fursuit. If you have cheap fur, it won't last as long and will look cheap. It would be like having a Rolls Royce auto and painting it with a paint roller. Great car, but everyone is going to notice the bad paint job. Get good fur. One thing I have learned is that you can use seal fur for areas that are normally trimmed short. It looks a lot better and is easier to do. A good place to get fur, I've found is www.imstuffedfur.com: luxurious faux fur fabrics This is a good place to start looking. You are a friend, and if you need any advice, let me know. I built my suit and have worked on several others.