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Remember *insert your name here*?


WTB Forum Mod Powers
i'm that vaguely bestial twat with a billion infractions for posting porn

and somehow I make smart posts sometimes

remember me as I was, captain


Mr. Red Flag
I want to be remembered as "Mr. Red Flag" on these forums since the whole conversation that revolved around it was hilarious and epicly retarded. Or for never giving asspats out.

As a person, i'd like to be remembered as an artist and a writer whose work actually influenced people somehow for the better. or for writing a kickass story that hilariously took forever to get published if i can ever get my shit in line and get that up. Or for making people who normally hate furries not hate all the art that comes with 'em and slowly, subtly influence them to check out the fandom for it's better aspects.


Characterless sack of potatoes
Okay, let me just type it u-
First and most importantly, I'd like to be remembered as an experimental musician. A man who dares to step on territories previously unmolested, both musical and conceptual, and make it fucking beautiful. But I wouldn't produce strictly artistic music, because no matter what music elitists say, that's only half of the beauty of music. I'd get the best of both worlds; exploring deep concepts while still knowing how to... you know... just have fun with what I'm doing. Add a little humor here, some cheesy dance shit there. Why focus strictly on one attitude for the rest of your career?
Oh, wait... already done.

But in all seriousness, I do want to be remembered for my music. I want people to listen and think, "This guy did something different".
I also want to contribute to Physics research and be remembered for that as well.
I want my friends to remember me as I was.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
The guy who tried to bring class to FaF

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
I lol'd at the thought of being remembered from a furry internet forum.
We (the oldfags) remember quite a lot of other regular posters who have stopped posting for their reasons.


Has left FAF, at least for now
I want to be remembered as the guy who broke the combo. ^^


Special Snowflake
"That girl who ate all of the cheese in my fridge that one time"


Wood choppah 9000 ultimate.
I wanna be remembered as the guy that posted this rather than reading for an exam in german that he would have the next day.


Selling bookmarks!
I'm the guy that hides under your bed and molests you while you're sleeping

also as the guy who plays the harp with a xylophone hammer


I don't think I'd want to be remembered by most.

I have no idea what I'd be remembered for.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
We (the oldfags) remember quite a lot of other regular posters who have stopped posting for their reasons.
I remember them all, even the ones I wish I could forget :[
Even if you dropped off the forum I would still remember you long afterwards.

I would want to be remembered as being me.


The Grain of Salt
I lol'd at the thought of being remembered from a furry internet forum.

That's why I did not address that myself and instead mentioned how I'd like to be remembered as a person. But it does seem pointless to want to be remembered on any internet forum. People call out of internet interactions In Real Life for a reason. So what if people remember you as witty, funny, an ass, whatever? They don't know that person. They just know a few things he/she/it typed up on a forum that will probably be forgotten in the grand scheme of things. Not to say that nothing can be gained or that it is completely pointless, but just unlikely and rarely relevant.


what i want- not the foggyist

what i will be remembered for- that annoying guy who cant spell


I don't give two flying ****s
That guy who nobody remembers but remembers things that one guy did who's name escapes them.

In other words, either as the idiot of the forms with an overly and rather awkward happy nature to him or the guy who everyone thought was out of his blooming mind.