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(Base/YCH) Selling: Reopened Food Play YCH Auction


You can bid on either slot, any gender/body type/species/expression for either! So both slots can be male, both slots can be female, or male and female. Or buy both slots for $150.

Slot A (pred)
SB $50
Min Increase $5
AB $100

Slot B (prey)
SB $50
Min Increase $5
AB $100

Slot A3: Open
Slot B3: Claime

Slot A4: Open
Slot B4: Open

Each Slot will close 24 hours after the last bid, and will have to be paid within 24 hours of that.
Paypal only
I'll close this post after the last 2 slots are paid for. You can reach me here or on the main site ^^
Completed Example Second Completed Example
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