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Reporting FurAffinity Bugs


Midnightdragon22 said:
The site loads so slow that it times out and I can never seem to get anything done. Cant upload, send messages, shouts or even click on an icon to visit an artist's page..it always comes up as "website is not responding...try again later." This is like really annoying. I have like 30 submissions to comment on and they keep piling up because I cant send my comments.

Is this fixable?
Yeah, more RAM is the primary requirement.
See http://www.furpawz.net/fa/forums/viewtopic.php?p=6540&highlight=#6540 .

At present, the best I can suggest is not to try to do so much at/near "peak time" (about a four hour slot per day, as far as I can tell).
User home pages in particular are very slow, around then. :(
Not exactly the sort of news anyone really wants to here, yeah...

I will be asking the techs about this issue again, just now, in Dragoneer's absence.

Thank you for trying to build the community so enthusiastically. I know there are many others like you, 'dragon. :)


Yeah ive nee getting an uber slow site experiance alot recently as well as a MYSql error at least twice a day now...


Here's a funky bug I'm starting to see:

Every so often, the message counts at the top of the page will repeat the stuff in messages 2. For example, ( 14S, 1C, 7J, 6F ) will show as ( 14S, 1C, 7J, 6F1C, 7J, 6F ).

It's not common or important, but it's happening...