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Reptillian art trade.

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Heya everyone. Im looking to do some trades with people. Im not the best artist in the world but id like to do some pics with some people. I dont mind attempting to draw just about anything. Just ask and ill tell you if i cant, or attempt it at least. As for what i want, ill probly ask for a picture of reptiles mostly. I especialy want to get a picture done of my BTS.


Well thats me on FA. If you like my pics and want to do a trade just note me on FA, or send me an email, or just reply to this. ^^

Im also gonna be doing comissions but cant link to it since i havent made the thread yet.


Heya. I might be interested, once I have some time. Since the only species I can draw halfway decently is scalies (not that I have much desire to draw hairy scalies >..> ) this could work. :}
Currently I'm having issues logging into my FA account, but that won't stop me from drawing. ^.'.^

If you're interested, send me a message through one of the way too many ways that are available to contact me. (Mostly on my FA page.)



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hey. This is my first forum post here, so I thought Id choose a reptilian theme. I mainly draw cartoony dragons and lizards. I really think your character is cute, and also noticed the STD inuendo of your characters initials, hehe, VD, but yeah, im up for it if you want, and even if you dont wanna trade, may i draw your character please :D Hes Cute :D

oh, here you go... http://www.furaffinity.net/user/stsyke/

oh, and if you do want to trade, could you draw my lizard girl firefly?

If you wanna do it, send me a message or something :D fankkeees!


Dang... my friend pointed that little thing out, something i hadnt noticed till then. Kinda annoying but oh well. The inuendo is not intentional. Oh well.

Anyways, id be very glad if you were to draw me. Hehe itd be cool. ^^ Hehe and sure if yould like a trade id be glad to draw your char. ^^ Just point out some references i can go by.

Ill go ahead and link to mine.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/76482/ (Adult)

Ive all but given up on my markings, cept for i think ill keep a few of them along my lower back. But i dunno. Eyes and ear fin are still color changing though. So really dont bother to much with the markings, unless you really want to add them. The only place i can think id possibly keep them is on my lower back.

(Example of my markings is http://www.furaffinity.net/view/59741/)

(And a better example of my sheath is http://www.furaffinity.net/full/61016/)

Anyways, feel free to draw my char doing whatever. ^^ Its up to you really. And it doesnt matter if you draw me in anthro or feral. Or in whateve style you like. ^^

Hehe and you can either post it in this forum or email me with the details of what youdl like your picture to be like. And references for it.


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Yay :) Ill start immediately! Heres a link to Firefly!


Now if you could yiff her a bit, that would be nice, but do what you want! Ill do quite a tame one of you, because it would look cuter :D FANKOO!!


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I'll trade with you if you want^^
I'm not much of a drawer but I'm willing to skills to the test,

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15346/ This is an old drawing of my character Thrax. I've always been kinda interested in knowing what he'd look like in non-anthro form.

I'm quite willing to draw any of your characters in anyway^^.

Send me a note on my FA accout if you're interested.
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