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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix

:: Name ::
Roxy (Female)

:: Type ::
"Vulpine" (D&D "species" - General structure of her is fox-like with some modifications)

:: Build Description ::
Roxy is a fox-like creature with several distinct features that set her apart from the "typical" fox creature, including :

- Shorter, more narrow legs than the "typical"

- A sleek and low-down body posture (Due to smaller legs)

- A shorter, broader snout

- Smaller ears than the "typical", however still visually prominent

- A MUCH longer tail, capable of wrapping around herself almost completely while curled

- A coppery-red stripe going down entirely down her head and back (more info on "Fur Description")

:: Fur Description ::

- Her base fur (back, majority of tail, majority of head) is a single-coated, short fur that has the color of a "red-platnium" red fox mutation (SEE reference picture BELOW).

- Her under fur (belly, under the snout) is double-coated, long, and completely white.

- Her legs begin as the white color of the under fur, but by around the knees become completely black. Her paws are also black, with black, difficult-to-see paw pads.

- A prominent fur feature is her "stripe" that goes from the top of the snout, to the top of her head, down her back to the rump of her body, just before the tail. This stripe is a deep coppery-red color, and the surrounding fur to the stripe gradually gets lighter until it reaches the base fur color.

(Here is the reference photo for Roxy's base fur color, and to give a preliminary idea on the "typical" fox)

:: Other Qualities ::
- Ears: Base fur color tipped black on the ear's tips

- Eyes: Amber and slitted vertically

- Tail: As stated it is colored the base fur, with the tip completely white.

:: Posing ::
For posing, I will give that task to the artist's creative license. However, whatever pose makes the most sense, I would appreciate to see the "shy" and "curious" nature of Roxy in her pose.

She is on all fours and very small and cutesy like my character Vixye



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