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Request: Request open + partner

Byzance123 Rauss Khan

Well-Known Member
Well, I will do a request this time. But I will be very picky.
I want you have an anthro oc (preferably scalie or feline) with these themes:

- western
- biker
- warrior
- boots
- vore
- butt/anal

And I will do this draw for you, not to complex.

Also, if you search a partner, you can join me. But keep in mind I will choose you if I haven't
anyone in my theme list or if you have a very interesting oc.

Also, one thing ... NOT HUMANOIDS except elfs or derived.

here is an art exemple:



Monsters are hot. :)
Feline OCs, eh? o.o

I dig your art!
I would love anything biker or butt/anal related.

Thank you for considering!