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Request: What PhiPaw Design do you want?

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I'm going to be making some more paw types, and want to see what ones people want. So please post what you would like to see, and if you have a good picture of their Print post that too ^_^

hmm, thats odd...
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So basically, like I have already without the claws, and in purple?

I'll try some different color schemes afterwards, but for now just trying to get templates


Ooh, I'd love a PhiPaw for my fursona. She's a fossa, which is something between a mustelid and a feline, but also compared to a clouded leopard-- basically, the fossa is its own species, but has paws similar to all of those above. I can't find any images of what a fossa paw print actually looks like, but it should have claws, and sort of round, soft toes. :3

Clouded Leopard Paw
Marten Paw
Typical Cat Paw



Siamese, if you please.
a feline one would be nice.

based on this


I have an idea with the feline claws.

A dogs claws do not retract, right? But a Cats do?


The Oft Mispronounced
Heh... well, I've got lots of characters, so anything you put together would be great. Foxes are probably going to be requested by someone else anyway if that original isn't (I don't pay too much attention to paws >.<), and since foxes are the second most personal fursonas I have I'm pretty much set. :) Since nobody will be able to put to use anything for my scaly fursona... too many knuckles in the digits, they bend differently... I'd feel selfish requesting something like that.


I have an idea for scalies too, you cannot do tracks, but thats not the only thing they have :)


The Texas Otter
Hahahah! Otter! Do an otter!

Here's a few refs (second is a bunch of random prints for ya along with an otter one)

ref 1

ref 2
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