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Critique: Requesting Feedback on the First Five Chapters of My First Story!


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Hi all!
I've been a long time lurker in the TF fandom and finally got around to writing out a TF story concept I've kicked around for years. So far, I've written the first part of the story (five chapters) and am in the process of revising them before I move onto the next part. I'm looking for critiques of any and all aspects of my writing as I only got into creative writing in the past year and really want to improve.

The Concept:
A young woman contracts lycanthropy, but after every full moon she retains more and more lupine traits. However, whether and how much she changes during each full moon is determined by whether she give into or embraces the changes. The more she behaves like a wolf, the more she changes (although the changes can be reverse to some extent by refusing to give into the wolf instincts). Eventually, she must choose between the human world or becoming a wolf.

Here is the first chapter of In the Shadow of Moonlight.