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Requesting general crits?


Slowly Improving
Heya, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this wip painting, before I move on to details, etc.

I feel like something is wrong with the face/head, and the lighting is off, but I can't really pick it out. I want to continue heading towards realism, but I feel like it'd be a good idea to stop here before I get ahead of myself. Any kind of crit is helpful, so don't hold back :)
Thanks :D


The Arcane Sage
The image is at three quarter turned away but the snout is profile. so unless the horns are not symmetrically located the back one is on the near back of his head. or else his face is off to his left. But other than that nice work!


Yes Gnarl is correct. Either you need to change your snout to be facing 3 quarter view away, or change your horns to profile view :)


New Member
About the hoodie, it just looks a bit stiff as some of the folds don't really follow the shape of the body that well. If it's not a "baggy" kind of hoodie (which I guess not, from his arms), you need a bit more definition around the neck, shoulders and the small of his back. A couple of the folds around his left shoulder also seem a little misplaced, since they should be pointing more upwards than to the right. Otherwise, just make the existing folds stand out a bit more on the fabric.

It's a great improvement though and I love the way you've done the fur! Look forward to seeing more from you. :)


I would say to push the saturation on the dark colors a little more. Consider making them pretty intense and that will cut down on the spandex-look of the jacket. As it stands, it looks a bit poured-on. Try using greens as the shading color on the yellow-- it'll give an appearance of more natural daylight or overcast coloring.

Keep trucking.