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No, not re-Questing, but anyway.

I'd like to ask folks a favor... I have this type of critter I made up called a Vael, found in many different environments and conditions. As described on one of their pictures:

"They're a lot like serpents, though their heads are shorter, females have an ebony-colored plate on their forehead that's hard as diamond, males have an ivory-white plate, and both have spaded tails. Aquatic vael have three fins, one dorsal reminiscent of a shark's, and two side fins for motion. Aerial vael have wings instead of the side fins, with a feathered dorsal. Other vael all look like six legged snakes, with something on it's back. Cinder vael have flames over their back, shell vael has a shell, blade vael have blades as their name suggests, and skeletal vael have ridges, like a dragon.

"Vael are highly adaptive, taking forms fitting of it's surroundings, or based on whatever magics hit it when they are young enough. Once effected by magic, it permanently changes, taking aspects of that magic and becoming impossible to effect by -ANY- direct magical means"

What I ask is that you come up with a variation of it, color it if you so feel like it, but keep in mind that form follows function, and the colors would match both element and environment, if possible.

Original aquatic design, use the head and tail for ref for other kinds of Vael: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/732177/

more Vael ref, though they almost never get this big: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/739503/

And another thing I would like to request. If anyone wants to, feel free to color some of my linearts, but if there are any already colored pictures of the same characters, use those (or similar) colors please.
Double post, I know, but I just want to let people know I have an example for how to do an anthro vael if anyone's interested... Up to whoever draws another as to whether it's digitigrade or plantigrade...

Not open for further replies.