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Requests and also trades??


Heyyy. Doing some requests. I'd love to also do trades if you're so inclined. I'll make you something like this :

Please leave me a link to a VISUAL reference. I don't work from written references, sorry.
Also, please keep in mind that this is free work. Try not to be too picky. :)
I'd be up for trading absolutely if you like my stuff! I have another trade to finish up, but I should be finished with that by this weekend. Your work is so cute!

I would adore it if you would draw either Kitkat or Devin. You can find KitKat's refs in my signiture, and here is Devin's ref. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/13364641/ (nsfwsorta) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/13618527/

Kitkat is an artsy girl who loves puns and reptiles and books. She resembles me and is pretty flat chested.
Devin is a bisexual fox dude who is a big bookworm and kind of shy.

Just shoot me a comment back if you would like to trade or take on my request. :) Thanks so much for the oppertunity!
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@AnnieKitty: Awesome! I'll note you on FA~
@Queen-Cheetah: Diggin' her purple hair. Excited to draw her!
@Rysir: I'll draw her for youuuu
@Lionhart: She's a cutie patootie I hope I can do her justice

EVERYONE WHO IS TRADING: Pleaase draw my fursona for me. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12968627/
She likes cake and belly dance.


Thief of Dreams
I have a few trades that I'm working on, so I'd like to go for a request slot for now, but I'll be back when I finish the trades I have :) If you would work with Kipper, that'd be great!
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Noctali Equinox

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I'd love a picture of my Nimbat character if you're interested. I'll post a link to a picture of what a Nimbat looks like if you're unfamiliar with the character. She has a smallish pair of breasts, but appears normal other than that. Thanks for considering. ^^