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Requests, Anyone?


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I know I'm not too known here, but I duz sum art.

If'n ya like, I have two spaces open for requests. It's first come, first serve, and you must have at least one ref.

I'll check back here tomorrow to see if there is anyone who would like one.


Sup nerds
Me? :3

I'm a white cat, 5'4", I have green eyes and white head fur that's looks a lot like this:
I wear kacky jeans that are fairly baggy, with a T-shirt or a hoodie, or what ever you want :3

I dress pretty geeky, so go wild on that!

I wear glasses, but you can choose whether or not to put them on him, they are rimless and square.

I also have a chocolate leather collar with a brass plate on it that says "Kyle", but detail isn't an issue, if he has a collar showing that's fine x3
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can you draw my fursona, its just a wolf with light blue. i'll give you free reign over pose and such. thanks

Todd Quicksilver

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can i have one of me and my friends?

and I've never been drawn before. so it would be nice to have a pic!
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Wanna draw fursonas I'll jump on that,other than that...canid?Nice drawing btw feral,but it's gooooooooooooooooood.
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Requests are now CLOSED, and I will get these done as soon as I can =3

These will be natural media, m'kay?