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Requests, come and get one.

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum

lets sea... its not in order xD
I love this so much! you did an amazing job! This is perfect!

(also, quick thing that I feel the need to mention, because holy shit! My boyfriend was just casually scrolling throught FA, and had just followed you for another drawing, when suddenly you posted this right after and caught him off guard! by total coincidence! he told me this before I even checked this site and saw it was done. He saw this before me! What are the chances?!)

Anyway, cool coincidences aside, I absolutely love this ^^ thank you so much


Green wuff with large feet
my friend, idk what happened, but the file of your draw had an error, I will make it again, sry!



I will post this on my IG too!
No worries, I'm patient. I can perhaps suggest some more stable software ;P


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You have some amazing art~! I'm not going to request anything since you seem to have
yourself quite the line up already but good luck drawing everything :3


Queen of Laziness
Hi, fren! If you’re still open, I have two scaly characters for you to pick from!

One is my beardie girl, Mae. I’ll link you to her galleries below!

Artwork Gallery for MCtheBeardie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Artwork Gallery for MCtheBeardie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

The second character is a male red eyed crocodile skink named Blake. He doesn’t have much artwork of him yet, so I’d appreciate it if you could work off some descriptions of him! I have one icon of him that needs some slight corrections, as well. Everything for him is down below!

Artwork Gallery for MCtheBeardie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

forums.furaffinity.net: Request: - Looking for Art of Red Eyed Croc Skink Character

For the correction, his eyes are supposed to be a solid black. The red color is for ring like markings around his eyes! He’s supposed to be a grumpy boy, too.

Regardless if you pick either one of them or not, I still love your art! I’ll be sure to give you a watch, fren~


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Nice art work. I have a list of brain children that I hope one might inspire you. ^^



Got Milk?
Hello! Would you be interested in drawing my girl Razz? She's got lots of piercings and stuff. And she's rather important to me, if you're interested shoot me a conversation okii? So I can DM you the refs


Evil hamham
Hey !

Your art looks awesome ! Do you think you could try to make a SFW drawing of my kangaroo character ?
Here's his ref :
www.furaffinity.net: Kangus Ref 2019 by Kangus

Thanks a lot if you do so !
Would you like to draw my sodaroo Melon?
View attachment 62836
Here's my ref, feel free to come up with something! :)
www.furaffinity.net: Minty ref sheet by MintyCheetah
Here's to drawing more and keeping you from getting rusty!
ref right below. He often tends to float around lazily as he's a bit too lazy to even walk
I'd love something for Misu if she catches your interest.

Misu on Toyhouse

Thanks for looking either way!

hello, I upd8 the main post, you can see your request there, I hope you like it


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Heyehy, dropping this here if you're interested, current WIP's of a project I'm in the middle of


Her name is Ziph, she's a custom species that I'm currently developing.
She's a cosmic traveler, carefree fun/thrill seeker, enjoys musical rhythms, deep-diving for fish, shellfishes, crustaceans, and cephalopods, playing with children, and learning and experiencing new cultures

Alison Savros

Just a suggestion, but I think the picture of the breasts could be censored since it's against the rules to share nude art here.
But other than that, are these still open? If so, I'd like to get a picture of this guy. Sirhan on Toyhouse

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Most powerful Draco warrior

Would you like to try me? Her pupils are sky blue. She is an orca/dragon hybrid.
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